rough day

by on Jan.18, 2011, under Uncategorized

Well, today was a rough day to say the least.
First race of the day we started towards the leeward end of the line. We had a good start being nice and close to the line. On the long sail out to the port layline, we seemed to hold our own against Shockwave but Numbers was also keeping up. All 3 boats tacked almost simultaneously heading for the weather mark. We rounded right on Numbers tail but were unable to capitalize and they stayed ahead of us for the rest of the race. We had a poor result and finished 4th.
Second race saw us with another decent start on the right side of the line with Numbers just to weather of us and Titan to leeward. We had decent speed and quickly tacked, ducked Numbers and headed for the right. We again rounded the weather mark right on the heels of the Numbers but they seemed to slip away from us downwind. We definitely seem to struggle in this wind condition. We feel underpowered and we struggle to get to our numbers. The results show another poor result with a 4th. The boat handling went well but we had a small hiccup on a set when a kite sheet wrapped itself around a lifeline and piece of spectra on the bow. Nothing a quick swipe of the knife could not solve!
The forecast for tomorrow looks grim with not more than 5 knots forecast. Hopefully it’s wrong and the breeze will cooperate.

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