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I’m back

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After a couple of years away from my blog, it’s time for me to start posting again. These will be my own comments and opinions. I just returned from the Congressional Cup in Long Beach sailing with Ed Baird and his Quantum Racing Team. It was really nice to be back to match racing. I used to do so much of it and now that the AC is such a joke, there is quite a bit less.
The team for the event was Ed Baird, Terry Hutchinson, Tom Burnham, Brett Jones, Jim Turner, and myself. We were one of the senior teams! Hard to believe I’m at that stage of life. The goal of the team was to work on the communication between Ed and Terry for the TP 52. Match racing does a great job at working on communication because you are encountered with so many situations. We started decently in the round robins but stumbled on our third day. We came off the water a bit discouraged but happy we had a tough day in the rounds so that it would toughen us for the semis. We ended the second round robin strongly guaranteeing us a spot in the semis.
Conditions were super light for the last day of racing. We were postponed several hours until the breeze built enough to go racing. We finally had enough breeze to barely race and were able to complete our semis. We raced against Mathieu Richard in the semis. We beat him in the first race and he narrowly beat us in the second. After more waiting for the breeze, we finally got in our third race which we won, sending us into the final.
There we had a sudden death sail off, one race final, against Simone Ferrerse. He was able to get the preferred side of the course and on a 1/4 mile beat, were not able to get back into him. Regatta over. It’s always bitterly disappointing to lose a match race event in the final. It’s always such a tough job to get there and to lose being so close is hard to swallow. But we sailed well and had a respectable finish. Next on my calendar is the Palma Vela in Palma, Spain on the Bella Mente.

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