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The family and I drove to Paris on the 26 and spent the night there. The next morning I took a quick flight to Palma where I will be sailing the copa del rey on the Bella mente. This will be my last event after a 3 month tour. After 1 month of being scrunched in a far 30, it is nice to be able to stretch out a little.

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Rig down

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The team raced from marseille to la seyne sur mer in a building mistral. Our luck ran out and the rig came down when the backstay broke. However, our team rallied and within a few hours after getting back to the dock, we had our back up rig in the boat. We had to use the crane from a French navy ship since there were no other cranes available. The leg ended up getting canceled because of too much breeze.
The next day we raced 2 windward leeward races. We sailed well and finished 3,3. The first race was moderate with some gusts to 20. Second race started in 17-20 but quickly built to 28. We had a fun run down keeping the boat under control. It was nice to get some breeze finally. I really wish we had more breeze early on.

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We had a good day in marseille with 3,3,4. We had some consistent results and sailed well in very shifty and variable conditions.

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with sound

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a little video from the tour.

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We’ve had some ups and downs the last few days. Some absolute shockers on some inshores and offshores and some good results. We won the race into Royan and have had quite a few top 10 results. We are often in 3rd, 4th, or 5th on the race course, only to lose a few boats on the last run. WE are fighting hard to get some good results. We had one race this morning in Royan after a day off yesterday. Tomorrow we will have 1 or 2 race and then pull the boat out of the water, rig down, and drive to the med. We will be driving overnight because our route crossed the other Tour’s route and I guess there route was more important than ours! Don’t they know who we are? ?

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Keep rolling

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We finished in 7th on the offshore into Pleneuf-Val-Andre. A good showing but some of the teams we need to beat still finished ahead of us. We had 1 windward leeward race here in Pleneuf. First start was a general. We definitely pushed the line. I don’t think we were over but the group to weather of us definitely was. Second start was a Black flag start. Over at 1 minute before the gun goes, and your DSQ. We picked a midline spot and had a glamour start. Much of the fleet becomes very conservative on the black flag and with some good line sites, I was able to pull us close to the line confidently. We had good speed but a minute or after, quickly started to lose pace. We tacked for clear air and quickly found the culprit, a 6 ft piece of sea wead on the bulb. We got the kelp stick out, and after the second wack, were able to clean it off. Back up to speed! The breeze was shifty and Philippe did a good job staying on top of it. We raced cleanly and passed a boat at the last bottom mark before the reach to the finish. We finished 6th. The team left yesterday for Lorient on another 200 miler. This one is going to be light and slow. Once in Lorient, we have a coastal race on Saturday and windward leewards on Sunday.

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Pleneuf Val Andre

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The team raced from Calais to Dieppe and there we did 2 days of windward leeward races. We had some good results and one shocker. We are still sitting in 6th overall. The team is now racing from Dieppe to Pleneuf-Val-Andre. This leg is about 200 miles and the boys will be plenty tired when they hit the dick tonight at about 1-5 am. Once they arrive, we will rotate 4 crew members to do the inshore racing the following day. After that is another 200 mile race to Lorient. The team is now in 12th on the tracker so hopefully they can pull some places on the long reach back to harbor.

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