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Well, today was our last day of racing. We had 5 races in what started out to be light air and marginal foiling. I bee lined it for the left side and was able to be a puff for foiling and finished 5th. Next 2 races were disappointing with very poor starts. I then pushed harder on the line and was able to get some average results. I was able to hold onto 6th but felt like I could have sailed better on the last day. I again learned quite a bit and felt like I’m faster but I still need to get faster. I’ve purchased the mast I used for this regatta and a new rudder horizontal is in the future. That should help a little. I also need to work on my angle of attack and better control of the boat and higher foiling.
In the end, this is my best result in a moth regatta so there’s hope.
1 Bora
2 Dalton
3 Charlie
4 Bear
5 Jonathan
6 Doogie

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Moth Racing, day 2

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6 Races today. I’m definitely tired and sore knees. We had great breeze averaging about 10-12 knots. First race was a disaster with a terrible start and poor sailing all round. I was not very happy with my performance. Sloppy tacks and poor set up.
For the next race I worked on the start, getting my laylines sorted and practiced some tacks. Next race I had a better start and was able to sail better and finished 8th. The rest of the scores where 7,7,6,5. So again, trending better. I’ve been working hard and aggressive to speed the boat up. I made some changes on the way in which I think should help for tomorrow if we have good breeze. I’ve learned that the stiffer mast that I am borrowing from Bora has helped quite a bit and the sail is quite a nice one also. (a prototype North)
I’m sitting in 6th overall right behind Charlie and Jonathan Mckee. So I still feel I can sail better but I’m happy where I am sitting. If we get enough races in tomorrow, another throwout will kick in and will make holding off Adam Lowry difficult. But I’m ready to take it on.
After the 6 races we did a Slalom race. We divided the fleet into 3 groups. The top 2 from each race would continue onto a final slalom. Bora was in our group so it was a fight for second. I had a good start and was second for most of the race. I messed up the last layline into the finish and Jonathan passed me right before the finish.
Oh well.

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Moth race day 1

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Light air moth racing. That was the theme of the day. We waited on shore a bit for the breeze to pick up. We finally headed out at about 12:30 and got one race in fully foiling conditions. I had a good start at the committee boat and was 4th at the top mark. Charlie was about to roll me on the run, so I gybed out. After gybing, I struggled to have good pace and gybed back in an unfavorable shift. I lost quite a few boats and finished 9th. It got very light at the bottom of the run and it was difficult to get down to the finish line. Next race was a non foiler. I started at the boat and tacked off to where I thought there was better breeze. It was low riding all the way to the top mark. I rounded in 4th, very close to 3rd. We low rode mostly down the run. I was able to find a puff on the run and get up on the foils. It was on and off the foils for the rest of the run but again got passed and finished 8th.
Third race was just foiling. I had a poor start but was able to foot for clean air. I rounded the top mark in 5th but struggled to get the boat foiling on the run. After about 30 seconds, I was able to get on the foils and foiled for half the run. As the breeze got lighter, I low rode for the second half of the run and finished 7th. So the trend was better results as the day wore on. I was disappointed in my runs as in the past that was a strong point of mine. On the positive side, I had some better starts and was able to keep a lane off the line. I also had better beats than I have had before and felt good upwind. That being said, I’m definitely not as quick upwind as Bora or Dalton, but I’m getting better. We have more races tomorrow and hopefully we get a little more air. We all learned quite a bit about getting the boat on its foils in marginal conditions.

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light air moth day

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Today ended up being quite light. We waited until about 1 before we launched and it seemed optimistic. Once we got out there we were all able to foil around for about an hour but the breeze was light. We worked on different techniques to get up on the foils and figuring out how to make the boat go as fast as possible right before popping up on the foils. After about an hour, the breeze got too light and only allowed an occasional foil. So we all slowly sailed back in, in lowrider mode. It is interesting to watch around the boat park in the morning. The amount of different projects that are going on is always entertaining. There are the usual rope projects, sail tuning, wet sanding, block maintenance… But then there is carpentry. For what you may ask? Fixing our shipping boxes. I had saws, and nails going yesterday. Today was some more hammering. I witnessed Dalton doing some box maintenance. So you see, these boats definitely require a wide variety of skills. And if you don’t know one, well, there is plenty of advice around!

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Moth Time!

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Hello everyone,
Well, another week and another venue. This week I’m in Coronado, CA sailing my moth. We’ve had 3 days of training and one more training day tomorrow before racing starts on Friday. This is a great class with great people in it. Bora has been very kind a lent me a mast and sail to try out for the week. Again, I’m learning huge amounts and getting to know the stiffer mast a little better. We did a few practice races today. I seemed to struggle to get off the line but seemed to have decent pace. I’m not nearly as quick as Bora and Dalton, but I was able to hold pace against the rest of the fleet. I was definitely shaking out some cobwebs in a few maneuvers and trying to re-familiarize myself with the downwind angles.
It is looking like we will have 18-20 boats this weekend which is quite respectable for this class. The class is growing nicely and we are starting to get local fleets now in San Diego, Long Beach, Seattle (Pacific Northwest).

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Key West, last 2 days.

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Sorry I missed an update after Thursday’s racing. We raced in 16-19 knots. We could only sail 8 boat lengths below the start line before running aground. So not much room. The racing was quick for us with the runs only being about 6-8 minutes long. For most runs we left the jib up so that we would not have people on the boat taking the jib down in the breeze. By the last run of the day, the breeze had backed off enough for us to take the jib down and do a change. That was a busy run, with almost no time to take a breather. We were happy to be able to keep our time on the other boats and scored a 1,1.
Yesterday, we had 2 races. The conditions were light and shifty with quite a bit more breeze at the top of the rig. Our first start was one planned to be at the pin. We tacked barely on layline with time to burn and current setting us down. We struggled a get a decent position and arrived slow at the pin. We had to luff around the anchor rode to get around. It seemed like we were clear, but once we looked aft we noticed the pin boat was following us upwind. We hooked the anchor rode. We luffed up, back down, tacked and sailed off thinking we had cleared ourselves. But it was not going to let us off the hook that easily. We sent a guy overboard and we thought it was clear. Again we sailed off and only to be still trapped. We sent another team member over the side with Spare Air. He made the 17 foot dive down to the bulb, found the line, and cut it away. We finally got away and were able to sail. Needless to say, we did not finish well. So that was a 6th. We rallied for the last race, had an ok start, sailed well and won the race.
So the end conclusion is that we won our class at Key West Race Week. We sailed 10 races and won 8 of them. Not bad.
My next event will sailing my moth in Coronado, CA next week.

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key west, day 3

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Another nice day of sailing here in Key West. We finally got some nice warm temperatures but the breeze was a little lighter than expected. First race we came off the line tight to leeward of the pack but punched compared to everyone else. We sailed well around the course and won the race.
Second race was not such a cake walk. We had a poor start at the pin due to bad communication but we were quickly able to extricate ourselves. We had a good top mark rounding and sailed ok around the course. On average I felt that we could have sailed a little smoother with a small issue here and there. Our smaller competitors were able to get some leverage on us and we ended up 3rd. Oh well. Tomorrow will have more breeze and will keep us on our toes.

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Key west, day 2

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2 races were sailed today in 10 -12 knots of breeze. It was a little more than forecast but nice to stretch out a little. Both races we started at the pin and had good starts and decent pace coming off the line. We were able to keep our time on the HF and the smaller 50’s. It’s nice to be sailing the boat with more power in the handles than we have had in the past. The kites have been coming down consistently well. The string line system is working well and we are getting the whole kite inside the boat. The boat handling has been smooth with no major issues. The boat is going well in these conditions. There seems to be more breeze forecast for the end of the week so let’s hope we can keep our train going. We are currently sitting with 1,1,1,1.

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key west, race day 1

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We had 2 races today in about 8-10 knots of breeze. In the first race, we were a little caught out and were not able to go through our proper prestart setup. But we managed an average start and were quickly able to get the bow down. We had Highland Fling over us and we fought hard to stay in clear air. As soon they started affecting us, we tacked and were able to stay close to them on the beat. We got to the top mark in good shape and had a good set with a very short offset mark (about 1 boat length). We were a little too conservative at the bottom mark with the takedown going well and having extra time. We held our time on HF and won the first race.
The second race we had more time to do a proper pre start set up and had a good start at the pin. We worked our way up the left hand side of the course and again had a good set and bottom mark rounding. We refined out timing a little from the first race and had good bottom mark roundings. We were taking the stay sail down at about 1:30 from the bottom and it seemed we still had a time to be clean. It’s always easier in light air.
Stay tuned for tomorrow.

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T minus 1 day

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Today was our last day of practice before racing starts tomorrow. We got an early start to simulate race time dock out. So we docked out at about 9 am and got straight into it. Our first set was a Samba in probably too much breeze and we paid for it by a massive wipeout. Things got a little tangled and we were down for a while. We finally got everything back together and started doing some more laps with smoother boat handling. It had been raining on and off all morning and finally a massive rain squall rolled through which resulted in very little visibility. We rounded the bottom mark and called it a day. We brought the boat in, changed the main and did the final checks and preps for racing tomorrow.

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